Engineering elegance anywhere in the world

Situated in the iconic Empire Building at the heart of Cowes, UK, our expert engineering team at Spencer Rigging HQ proudly extends its influence globally, with a reputation for delivering bespoke creations that adorn locations far beyond the Isle of Wight and the UK. With our in-house expertise, on-site swaging facilities, and versatile applications across diverse sectors, our skills in working with stainless steel wire are in high demand worldwide across the marine, commercial, and architectural sectors.

A Caribbean Collaboration: Mustique Villa Project (Summer 2023)

This past summer, we embarked on a collaborative journey with the skilled craftsmen at The Woodshack, based in Southampton. Together, we created something extraordinary for a luxurious villa on the picturesque Caribbean island of Mustique. Famed for its exclusivity and charm, Mustique attracts Caribbean cruisers, Hollywood A-listers, and discerning individuals seeking an escape. The villa owner entrusted The Woodshack with a commission to design a bespoke pergola that would allow them to savour the breathtaking island views using materials to withstand the tropical climate and high-class balustrading to complete the look.

Safety, Elegance, and Sophistication

Our task extended beyond ensuring structural safety; it embraced infusing elegance and sophistication with a wire balustrading system. The chosen 4mm 1×19 stainless steel wire rope, crafted from 316L marine-grade stainless steel, not only provided security but also contributed to the modern aesthetic of the wooden structure meticulously crafted by The Woodshack. Small diameter wires make for efficient and attractive balustrade infill and are commonly used in domestic projects, providing a fully weatherproof, strong, and built-to-last solution. Unlike glass balustrades, the 316L marine grade stainless steel cables do not need to be cleaned regularly and have limited glare with minimal reflection from evening sunlight which might spoil your view.

From design to production

With over 100 individually cut lengths affixed with terminals at each end, our loft, equipped with advanced tools, brought the design to life and the presses leapt into action. Each wire underwent meticulous eye-checks and hand-finishing. The project was assembled in The Woodshack’s UK warehouse before being shipped to the Caribbean. This meant all parts of the project could be checked, but the simple installation of the Spencer Rigging ball and socket system for balustrading required no specific expertise.

A Stunning Result: Mustique’s Luxurious Outdoor Haven

The portable nature of wire rigging allowed for easy installation, and the completed project, including the deck, staircase, main structure, and wires, made its transatlantic journey. With our wire balustrading seamlessly integrated, a truly special outdoor living space emerged, inviting residents and guests to indulge in the opulent views of Mustique.

Inspired to create your own project?

Spencer Rigging has decades of experience working with designers, architects, and DIYers to create stunning installations at residences and business premises. Architectural rigging is a stylish and practical answer to many problems and by utilising marine-grade ropes and wires together with top-quality fittings, the results, as seen here, can be both decorative and functional.

If you have a project in mind, Spencer Rigging is able to assist in the design, supply, and installation of complete architectural rigging systems to meet requirements and specifications – from bespoke balustrading for balconies to tension green wall cable trellis systems, we will be glad to discuss your plans. Give us a call or email the team.